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  • Lady And The Tramp

    Lady And The Tramp

    Old Uncle Walt will be spinning in his cold icy grave when he sees our Rubber Chicken version of the animated classic Lady And The Tramp. Hey – it’s just pasta in a back alley. What could wrong? . . . . Tired of Rubber Chickens being abused onscreen? Want to watch the real thing? You can find it here: Lady & The Tramp

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  • My Dinner With Andre

    My Dinner With Andre

    Wallace Shawn may love his electric blanket and Andre Gregory may love the ephemeral pursuit of the meaning behind art and life but we love the Rubber Chicken Players version of Louis Malle’s My Dinner With Andre.

    Bon Appetite!

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  • Pirates Of Penzance

    Pirates Of Penzance

    Gilbert and Sullivan would be proud! Okay – maybe not. Either way, here’s the Rubber Chicken Players version of the Pirates Of Penzance.

    Everybody sing! Arrr!

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