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  • Lady And The Tramp

    Lady And The Tramp

    Old Uncle Walt will be spinning in his cold icy grave when he sees our Rubber Chicken version of the animated classic Lady And The Tramp. Hey – it’s just pasta in a back alley. What could wrong? . . . . Tired of Rubber Chickens being abused onscreen? Want to watch the real thing? You can find it here: Lady & The Tramp

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire

    A Streetcar Named Desire

    The film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play, starring Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter, Vivian Leigh and Karl Malden had everyone since yelling: “STELLA!”. Of course, the way we do it is – slightly different. We think the young folks will enjoy it – of course, we’ve always depended upon the strangeness of kinders. . . . Don’t like our version? Shame on you. Get the original here: A Streetcar Named Desire.

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  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull

    LaMotta was a middleweight. De Niro and Scorcese are heavyweights. Our Rubber Chicken Players version of Raging Bull falls squarely in the featherweight division. . . . Tired of seeing rubber chickens being abused? Want to see De Niro get smacked around instead? You can get the original here: Raging Bull (30th Aniversary Edition Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

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  • The Seven Samurai

    The Seven Samurai

    Our apologies to the great Akira Kurosawa for this version of his cinema classic The Seven Samurai – but we just couldn’t resist dressing our cast in kimonos. Arigato, Kurosawa-san! . . . If you would like to watch the original film without rubber chickens in it – although we can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that – you can find it here: Seven Samurai (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    From the Dawn of Poultry to the farther reaches of space – this is the Rubber Chicken Players version of the Stanley Kubrick classic. Sorry, Stanley. . . . You can also enjoy the original, Dave. I’m sure you’ll like it: 2001: A Space Odyssey [Blu-ray]

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  • Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. Strangelove

    Slim Pickens never looked so slim in this Rubber Chicken Players version of the Kubrick classic Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb.

    Chicken soup is a precious bodily fluid!

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  • Braveheart


    William Wallace would be proud – Mel Gibson, not so much. Here’s the Rubber Chicken Players version of Braveheart!


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  • My Dinner With Andre

    My Dinner With Andre

    Wallace Shawn may love his electric blanket and Andre Gregory may love the ephemeral pursuit of the meaning behind art and life but we love the Rubber Chicken Players version of Louis Malle’s My Dinner With Andre.

    Bon Appetite!

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  • Singin In The Rain

    Singin In The Rain

    Hailed as the best film musical EVAR, this cinema classic is now forever soiled by the Rubber Chicken Players!

    Moses Supposes His Chickens Are Roses!

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  • An American In Paris

    An American In Paris

    Vincente Minnelli and Gene Kelly must be spinning in their graves – and laughing – we hope.

    C’est la vie.

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  • Death Of A Salesman

    Death Of A Salesman

    Arthur Miller’s classic stage play is given new life by the Rubber Chicken Players.

    Sorry, Arthur.

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